Company Overview 中文版 is a world leading online social network service provider and is the largest social networking website with over 2 billion register users, more than 40 million logins per month and about 4.4 billion page view per day. is always focusing on providing high quality social network application service. With its leading position in social network production and relevant technology industry, 51 is the first one to put forward the concept of "blog space" and the function of video authentication.

Committed to offer its users pleasant experience of network production and promote progress of social network in China, have created a lot of production like blog,album,music,BBS,IM chating program rainbow,large dancing class net game "51 new dazzle dance" etc.

Company History
  • August, 2005. was founded by IT entrepreneur Mr. Pang Sheng Dong, in Shanghai.
  • May, 2006. First round funding of USD 6 million led by Sequoia Capital and joined by SIG.
  • November, 2006. Register user number reached 50 million.
  • July, 2007. Second round funding of over USD 15 million led by Intel Capital and joined by Redpoint, Sequoia and SIG.
  • January, 2008. Register user number reached 100 million.
  • July, 2008. Third round funding of over USD 50 million led by Giant Interactive.
  • December,2008. accumulated number of advertisement brand clients coorperated with was over 200.
  • April,2009. 51 leisure game platform,the first game production of started to run on-line since Apr,2009,which means began to foray into wilfing industry.
  • July, introduced the chat software "rainbow" (51 GuaGua upgrade edition),forming a complete Web site, games and IM three major product lines.
  • December, 2009. 51. Com IM software "Rainbow " formally launched.
  • June,2010. Register user number reached 200 million.Month independent user has more than 40 million.
Contact Us

Shanghai Headquarter
Building 3, First Shanghai Plaza
No. 180, Zhang Heng Rd, Zhangjiang Hi Tech Industry Park, Pudong New Area, Shanghai 201204 China
Tel : (86) 21-58815151;(86)21-33932780
Fax : (86) 21-58815151
Sales Dept: (86) 21-33932712
Marketing Dept: (86) 21-58815151-8159

North China Sales Office
D-16D, Oriental Ginza, No. 48, Dong Zhi Men Wai Street, Beijing 100027 China
Tel : (86)10-84476521
Fax : (86)10-84476519

South China Sales Office
Room 2712, Rengfeng Building, No. 490, Tian He Rd, Guangzhou 510630 China
Tel : (86) 20-38889299
Fax : (86) 20-38889836

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